Rubber Hot Water Bag for Cramps, Neck, Shoulders Pain Relief

Rubber Hot Water Bag for Cramps, Neck, Shoulders Pain Relief

Hot Water Bottle with Soft Cover (2 Liter) Classic Rubber Hot Water Bag for Cramps, Neck, Shoulders Pain Relief, Hot Cold Pack for Hot and Cold Therapy and Feet Warmer, Great Gift for Women and Girls

Rubber Hot Water Bag for Cramps, Neck, Shoulders Pain Relief

Rubber Hot Water Bag for Cramps, Neck, Shoulders Pain Relief

Rubber Hot Water Bag for Cramps, Neck, Shoulders Pain Relief

Rubber Hot Water Bag for Cramps, Neck, Shoulders Pain Relief

Product Description

* SOFT cowl & sturdy MATERIAL - This hot water bag comes with an expensive fur cowl, that makes skin contact safer and more well-off and forestalls the rubber hot water bag from being in direct contact along with your skin to cause burns, and its additional stylish and personalized. quandary bag is created of high-quality PVC material, that is immune to oil and pollution and encompasses a long service life, and can not be broken. it'll accompany your family and you thru the cold 2020 winter

* KEEPS heat & PAIN RELIEF - hyperthermy is widely used because of its exceptional result. will effectively relieve body pain, accelerate blood circulation, relieve fatigue and pain. quandary and ice water(Ice cube) is a place in the classic rubber hot water bag, which might quickly relieve body pain. Effective treating sore muscles, catamenial cramps, medical functions, throughout maternity or as feet hotter. stress or inflammatory disease, aches and pains, stiff necks, lower back pain, and alternative common aches

* SAFE ECO-FRIENDLY & smart seaworthy the new bottle for cramps is compliant with BS1970:2012(The British Safety customary used for warm packs for pain within the globally), which means hot water bag reliable safety and leakproofness. the new bottle and canopy ar eco-friendly. the new bottle rubber ought to get replaced when 2 years of use. And check stopper for wear and tear harm at regular intervals. Please ne'er fill with boiling water and switch the other way up and check for leaks

* ESSENTIAL heat TOOLS IN WINTER - Premium classic rubber hot water bag for bed provides snug materials, fall guy, and heat. it's an important winter heat tool for you and your family. High-quality materials and stylish style are the simplest selection as a gift. Wide mouth style, straightforward and sensible. Bring heat accessible. It is given to family, friends, and colleagues on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring pageant, and birthdays. they're going to positively fall taken with it

* Important person AFTER-SALE SERVICE - Rubber hot water bag with cowl is appropriate for warming feet, warming abdomen and joint, Arthritis, Rheumatism. hot water bag for youths is ideal for one seat, on bed or table lunch break reception, office, hospital. we have a tendency to are therefore assured with the standard of our quandary pack. however if you do not fully happy with this classic quandary bag for a quality reason, please be at liberty to raise the North American nation at any time! we'll offer sixty days free come back and eighty days free exchange

Product description

Whenever the cold winter comes, everybody can purchase plenty of heat products, and a hot water bag is an important product for everybody in winter.

☀ The 2020 newest hot water bag is ideal for cold evenings, particularly on cold winter days, the new bottle ensures body warmth and luxury.

☀ hot water bag could be a time-honored methodology of treating sore muscles, stress or cramps, migraines, aches and pains, stiff necks, lower back pain, catamenial cramps, and alternative common aches and stresses of everyday living. Through shut contact, heat can enter your body and relieve your pain and discomfort.

☀ permit boiling water to cool down slightly before running. Grab the neck of a hot water bag. Fill in water slowly up to 2/3 full. Press the residual air out slowly and tighten on the screw cap. certify there aren't any leaks before mistreatment.

☀ the new bottle with cowl adopt high-quality soft materials that helps to insulate the new water, you're well protected against excessive heat, and high-quality soft fleece materials for the additional comforting feeling you'll love. certify most safety and transfer the warmth well.

☀ hot water bag with soft fleece cowl encompasses a capability of two liters means the new bottle will provide off the heat for a real while, you'll be able to use the reception, within the student residence, workplace and through travel.

Warm Tips:

1. The rubber washer underneath the quilt plays a very important role in preventing water leaks. don't harm and lose.

2. don't add boiling water directly, it values more highly to add 80°C / 176 °F water and keep 2/3 full. it will be higher if a soft fleece cowl is applied.

3. once it's left unused, build it dry enough and properly inflate it then place it underneath shady and dry conditions.

4. don't shut the quandary bag to the body for a protracted time for worry of scald.5. certify there aren't any leaks before mistreatment.

Important information

Safety Information

* The new long hot water bottle(60PCS) - The hot water bottle is produced from the factory and may have an odor. Please wash it with warm/cold water after receiving a hot water bottle, and then place it in a cool and ventilated place for air drying. After a few times of use, the odor will disappear. Thank you for your understanding and support.


Promote sleeping, Pain relief, Prevent colds, Feet Warmer, Menstrual Cramps, Arthritis




1. Please add the hot water volume to 2/3 of the maximum capacity; 2. After adding hot water, please squeeze out the air from the hot water bottle; 3. When used by children, please parents check for water leakage and supervise the use.

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